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Alpinestars Men's Tech Air Street Vest - 6508015-10-XL

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Alpinestars Men's Tech Air Street Vest - 6508015-10-XL
Alpinestars Men's Tech Air Street Vest - 6508015-10-XL

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Product OverviewAlpinestars Men's Tech Air Street Vest - 6508015-10-XL
The Tech Air Street Airbag System is a tether-free airbag protection system designed to be used with Alpinestars Tech Air riding gear. No matter what bike you decide to jump on or what type of street riding you have planned, this system will work without any extra steps. This system works by using an onboard computer system that uses accelerometers and a gyroscope to process the information gathered while riding and is continuous in calculating these algorithms. What does this mean? It means that the Tech Air vest is continuously sensing for abnormal forces based on your everyday riding data. Should the system sense a crash, in 25 milliseconds the vest will deploy a protective airbag, providing comprehensive protection to the rider's full back, shoulders, kidney area and chest.

The Tech Air is ready to go right out of the box no need to install sensors on the bike or go through a complicated pairing process. Simply install the vest in a Tech Air Street compatible jacket and go ride. Even after a deployment, the vest will deflate and the jacket can still be used as a protective garment, and the vest remains valuable as a CE level 2 Back protector. The Tech Air Street is the pinnacle in rider safety; whether you are on a cruise or a more aggressive ride, this system can save your life.

• PC compatible software (No current Mac compatibility) allows for updating of firmware and triggering algorithms

• Fully enclosed ACU (Airbag Control Unit) is seal-protected within the vest's CE level 2 back protector

• One gyroscope and one accelerometer housed inside ACU

• One additional accelerometer on each shoulder

• Lithium ion battery with approximately 25 hours of use when fully charged

• One hour of charge time yields four hours of ride time

Airbag System:

• Comprehensive protection of back, shoulders, kidney area, chest and upper abdomen

• Argon inflator charges are CE certified to ISO 14451 standard

• Internal airbag tethers used to control final deployed shape create less bulk than a chambered design and allow for quicker inflation

• Nylon-6 airbag material is lightweight and breathable

• Airbag inflates in 25 milliseconds and remains fully inflated for 5 seconds

• Installs easily in Tech Air Street Vest compatible gear with VELCRO and YKK zippers

• Once the jacket is zipped, the system checks to ensure you are riding and arms itself within 60 seconds

• When the system detects a crash, the airbag will be fully deployed within .025 seconds

• The Tech Air Street Vest is ONLY COMPATIBLE with Tech Air Street prepared riding gear. It is not compatible with Tech Air Race gear

Special Notes:

The Tech Air System requires registration with Alpinestars. Upon purchase, J&P Cycles will email you your portal login credentials. If you do not receive an email by the time your order is delivered, please reach out to us for assistance.

Due to the technical nature of the Tech Air System, special care and maintenance is required. Once the airbag has been deployed, the vest must be sent to Alpinestars for maintenance, repacking and cleaning. Please note that if the suit has been serviced or either of the airbags have been deployed, the vest is no longer returnable. Please read the User Manual in detail, feel free to reach out to our rider service center if you have any additional questions.

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