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Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Management System - 92-1965

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Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Management System - 92-1965

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Product OverviewCobra Fi2000R Fuel Management System - 92-1965
• Nearly every fuel-injected motorcycle can benefit from the installation of the Fi2000R

• Better throttle response, no backfiring, and smoother cruising are just a few of the areas improved by the Fi2000

• When your engine has the proper air/fuel ratio metered to it, it can perform to its potential, run cooler and be a much more satisfying ride

• Comes preset for your specific model

• It is also set for your bike equipped with an aftermarket exhaust system

• This setting will enhance the performance of the entirely stock bike as well

• If you add a high-flow air filter system, you can quickly adjust your particular model because each comes with detailed instructions for making fine tuning adjustments

• The Fi2000 increases horsepower and torque by optimizing stock lean air/fuel ratios (helps cool the engine temperature as well) No confusing computer downloads to install Pre-configured from the factory for your bike and model, but easy to adjust should your specific application need it

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