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Kreem Jumbo Tank Liner Kit - 1215

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Kreem Jumbo Tank Liner Kit - 1215

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Product OverviewKreem Jumbo Tank Liner Kit - 1215
• Combines to create an excellent "tank within a tank"

• Cures to a tough white skin which protects the inside of the tank from rust and corrosion

• Resists leaded and unleaded gasoline, gasohol and octane boosters

• Complete kit includes tank wash, conditioner, and liner

• Includes 16-Fluid Ounce Tank Liner, 32-Fluid Ounce Tank Prep A, and 16-Fluid Ounce tank Prep B

• For tanks up to 5 gallons

• Tanks over 5 gallons will require additional Kreem Tank Sealer 720-636

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