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Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra MH90-21 Front Tire - 2408600

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Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra MH90-21 Front Tire - 2408600

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Product OverviewMetzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra MH90-21 Front Tire - 2408600
If you want a tire that can hold up to hard riding, look no further. Metzeler designed the ME888 Marathon Ultra motorcycle tire with American V-Twin bikes in mind, combining long mileage with great performance to ensure a safe, reliable ride. It's unlikely you'll find a longer-lasting tire for sale at such a great price.

• Constructed by wrapping a single ply of steel cords around a radial tire carcass to produce a Metzeler tire with exceptional performance and stability at high speeds

• Steel belt design provides uniform heat distribution, resulting in improved wear characteristics and higher mileage

• Redesigned tread provides better water drainage, providing great wet-weather handling

NOTE: When replacing front tires, check the wear on your rear tire. Worn rear tires paired with new front tires can cause instability and affect the handling of your motorcycle

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54 - Maximum Capacity 467 lbs
ME888 Marathon Ultra
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ME888 Marathon Ultra
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