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Mustang 2-Piece Sport Touring Seat - 75851

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Mustang 2-Piece Sport Touring Seat - 75851

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Product OverviewMustang 2-Piece Sport Touring Seat - 75851
• The deeply pocketed driver seat is a full 15-1/2″ wide and sits you at the ideal cruising position

• The passenger sits comfortably in a 11″ bucket that utilizes Mustang's unique internal steel support wings

• All styles feature braided edge trim

• Mustang seats measure no higher than stock seats, but may initially feel slightly firmer

• The driver's back is well supported by the nose of the passenger pad that extends forward to create a full 8″ high backrest

Front Seat Width:
15.5″ wide
Number of Pieces:
Rear Seat Width: