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Mustang One-Piece LowDown Touring Seat - 79700

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Mustang One-Piece LowDown Touring Seat - 79700

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Product OverviewMustang One-Piece LowDown Touring Seat - 79700
• Mustang sets the standard for comfort in aftermarket motorcycle seats

• The LowDown One-Piece Touring Seat positions the rider 1-1/2" lower, and with the seat nose being 1-1/2" narrower than stock, the rider maintains the ability to plant feet firmly on the ground

• The unsurpassed comfort of the 16-1/2" wide bucket seat for the rider is joined by an ultra-comfortable 14" wide passenger seat

• The One-Piece LowDown Touring Seat by Mustang works with handrails, but will not work with Harley-Davidson or Mustang driver backrest kits

• The Mustang One-Piece LowDown Touring Seat is also available with chrome studs 224-052 and black pearl studs 224-053

• Mustang One-Piece LowDown Touring Seats are made in the USA

• The receiver for the Mustang driver backrest is built into the One-Piece LowDown Touring Seat. The backrest can be purchased separately

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