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S&S Cycle Quickee Pushrod Kit - 106-6051

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S&S Cycle Quickee Pushrod Kit - 106-6051
S&S Cycle Quickee Pushrod Kit - 106-6051

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Product OverviewS&S Cycle Quickee Pushrod Kit - 106-6051
• Quickee pushrod kit includes all components required to convert a stock height Twin Cam style engine to adjustable pushrods and pushrod covers

• These adjustable pushrods are manufactured from rigid Chromoly steel tubing

• Their design permits a simple, trouble free installation that does not require removal of the gas tank or rocker assemblies

• OEM pushrods may be cut to permit removal without rocker disassembly

• These adjustable pushrods can then be installed without removing the rocker box cover

• For access to adjuster unit, pushrod covers or similar aftermarket product must be used

• Retainer clips and upper pushrod covers have been designed to provide a more stable, rigid cover assembly

• Kit includes required gaskets, o-rings, and replacement pushrod covers and retainer clips

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