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S&S Cycle Super 'E' Master Rebuild Kit - 11-2923

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S&S Cycle Super 'E' Master Rebuild Kit - 11-2923

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Product OverviewS&S Cycle Super 'E' Master Rebuild Kit - 11-2923
The S&S Cycle Super E Master Rebuild Kit has everything you need for a carb rebuild. Improve performance and save time with this all-in-one kit. S&S Cycle Master Rebuild kit includes throttle shaft, throttle plate, throttle return spring, pump actuator spring, O-ring, bowl gasket, ejector nozzle O-ring, bellows seal, two throttle plate screws, washers, accelerator pump, idle mixture screw, idle mixture screw spring, idle speed screw, pump adjuster screw, idle speed/pump adjuster screw springs, plunger spring, float pin, bowl screws, pump cap screws, cable clamp/float pin screws, bowl plug O-ring and needle and seat assembly.

• Improve performance

• Master rebuild

• Kit includes everything

• Save time and money

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