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Saddlemen Explorer Special Studded Seat - Y3700J

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Saddlemen Explorer Special Studded Seat - Y3700J

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Product OverviewSaddlemen Explorer Special Studded Seat - Y3700J
Saddlemen Explorer Special touring seats are engineered to provide countless miles of uncompromising comfort. These seats feature deep sculptured saddles with the most refined contours ever developed, painstakingly perfected to provide comfortable, even support. The exclusive split-cushion saddle separates the lumbar support and seat cushions so they compress independently, reducing tail and hip bone pressure and the tendency to slide forward. Saddlemen utilizes the best material, Saddlehyde, which provides the optimum combination of good looks, comfort and durability. Beneath that comes another key comfort ingredient: large pads of Saddlemen's proprietary SaddleGel that damps vibration while providing outstanding supportive qualities. A foundation of our progressive density foam is the suspension system of the seat offering steadfast support that will not break down after long miles or many years of use.

• The seat's contours have been carefully developed using decades of experience to provide mile after mile of riding pleasure

• This stitch-top cover provides initial pushiness and a custom appearance while the progressive density foam and SaddleGel foundation for both driver and passenger offers supportive comfort for hours on end

• Accent rows of dozens of perfectly spaced chrome studs add the right level of custom to your seat

• Special care was taken so the seat's pillion area fits well with backrests or rear trunks

• The seat's carefully engineered, gel-coated marine-grade fiberglass base with plated hardware is the foundation for a long service life

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